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0°C standard temperature device ZERO-CON


ZERO-CON continuously maintains the highly accurate 0°C standard temperature for long periods by automatically keeping a certain amount of ice and water during volume expansion caused by the freezing of pure water in an enclosed container by thermoelectric cooling.
ZERO-CON is popular among users as the indispensable instrument for continuously measuring and verifying precision temperatures.

Features 1. Correct 0°C is accurately controlled.
2. It can be operated only by turning on the switch since thermoelectric cooling type has been adopted. Complex operation and maintenance are not necessary.
3. It can be operated continuously for long periods.
4. Various kinds of thermocouples can be built-in at your request.
Applications 1. For cold junction of various kinds of thermocouples for precision temperature measuring and control.
2. For verification and correction of temperature sensor of various kinds of thermocouples, thermistors, and platinum resistors, and temperature measuring devices and temperature controllers.
3. For the multi-point precision temperature control system such as the temperature data collecting system.


Principle Block Diagram Configuration of one pair built-in thermocouple
Principle Block Diagram Configuration of one pair built-in thermocouple



Setting standard temperature
Standard temperature stability accuracy
Ambient temperature  5°C
Ambient temperature 10°C
Ambient temperature 15°C
Ambient temperature 20°C
Ambient temperature 25°C
Ambient temperature 30°C

0°C - 0.005°C
0°C - 0.010°C
0°C - 0.015°C
0°C - 0.020°C
0°C - 0.025°C
0°C - 0.030°C
Temperature control accuracy
±0.001°C - ±0.005°C
Allowable ambient temperature
2°C - 30°C
Starting preparation waiting time
Ambient temperature 20°C
Ambient temperature 25°C
Ambient temperature 30°C

Approx. 25 minutes
Approx. 35 minutes
Approx. 45 minutes



Sample input port (inner pipe)
Port diameter: 6.7mm
Overall depth: 140mm
Dip wire depth: 120mm

Thermoelectric element
Heat dissipation method
Forced air cooling
Power requirement
100VAC ±10V 50/60Hz
Outer dimensions
W200 X D270 X H298mm ±1mm
W200 X D270 X H340mm ±1mm
Approx. 12Kg
Approx. 13Kg


◇Thermocouple Built-in Type Specifications

Built-in thermocouple pair number
Built-in thermocouple type
R,J,E,K,T at your request
High accuracy thermocouple wire and dedicated terminal are used.
Combination of several kinds is also possible at your request.
In each case, accuracy is within 0.5 ℃.

The above-mentioned specification might change without a previous notice.
Sorry, we will not do the export sales of this product.


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