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THe COPER ELECTRONICS is for central part of Kanagawa Prefecture, Atsugi City.
Address: 43 Funako Atsugi City Kanagawa 243-0034 Japan → Google Maps

Case of automobile utilization with TOMEI-ExpWay

Exit the TOMEI-ExpWay Atsugi IC to Atsugi district. As there are brown Atsugi City Culture Hall for approximately 2 Km ends. Turn to the left for the ahead of it. Turn to the left for the next T character road. Turn to the right for "Morinosato Entrance" intersection. It turns to the left for side of Lawson, are an arrival for us. With Atsugi IC, though it is crowded, are by a condition also, it is necessary around 15 minutes with this route.

Case of train utilization

Getting off in Odakyu Odawara line Aiko-Ishida station, North-Exit. Advance Atsugi direction for a front road (R246), on foot approximately 10 minutes. Turn to the left along a river for immediately after passing through the guard of TOMEI-EXP High Way. And you arrive at us with approximately 200m.

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