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Semiconductor Measureing Instruments of the Coper ElectronicsAbout an environmental policy of the Coper Electronics

  At we promote the environmental preservation activity in our company, we sets the principle of the action and provides an environmental policy to establish the directionality of the activity as follows.

Basic philosophy

  Our company acts recognizing that the maintenance of the global environment is one of a common high-priority issues to the human race, and considering the maintenance of the global environment in all respects of the active conduct of business.

Environmental policy

  Our company pursues the best relations of man and the earth each other in the active conduct of business of the operation management whole of the design, the developments such as an electronic measuring instrument, equipment related to mechatronics, and other electronic equipment, manufacturing, sales, and our facilities and equipment, defends the environmental regulations system etc. , and does an environmental activity of nine following items. Moreover, the target is set technically and economically within the possible range, and the continual improvement of the environment management system and the prevention of pollution are aimed at for the environment about the item with a large influence in the active conduct of business, the product, and service.

(1) We observe the regulations system that relates to environmental preservation activity and other claims postulateds that our company agrees to.
(2) We maintain the internal rule concerning the maintenance activity of the global environment, and aim at the improvement of management.
(3) We set an environmental purpose and the target, review regularly, and make an effort to a continuous decrease of the negative environmental impact.
(4) We persist in environmental education to the employee, attempt the consideration improvement of the environmental protection, and work on the environmental preservation activity by all members.
(5) We reduce the waste.
(6) We work on the saving resource and energy conservation.
(7) We make an effort for the prevention of the air pollution.
(8) We promote the development of products that considered environment.
(9) We publicize this environment policy to employees and it is announced to the outside of company.
November 1, 2007
Coper Electronics Co., Ltd.
The President and Representative Director    Kazuo Narayama

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