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Carrier machine for Power-Module

Carrier machine for Power-Module
Carrier machine for Power-Module

► Correspondence to many varieties of Power Devices

► As for the power device such as IGBT,IPM,MOS-FET,DIODE, enlargement to high voltages and large currents.
Furthermore, they are complicated, and the performance, a form, the shape diversify. The power-module transportation machine is developed for these elements (Power Module Device). It provides the loader and the unloader, and for the correspondence that extends to many varieties by using the contacting cassettes that can be exchanged to enable with this one in the one to transport, to measure, and to classify the quality. It has transportation, the measurement, and the classification function. Correspondence to many varieties is enabled by using the contacting cassettes that can be exchanged. The test system corresponding to the acceptance inspection and the purpose can be easily composed, and an item in the production line exactly necessary for multi-product production.

■ Specifications

Size of device under testApprox. W:30-150mm D:30-95mm H:20-50mm
Supply and storage of deviceline in the palette
Number of test stagesMulit stages
Number of classificationsMulti classifications
Tact time 3-5Sec
Size W:2460mm D:860mm H:1560mm
Options Loader unloader automatic elevation mechanism
Contacting cassette We will design, and produce it according to the shape of the device.

★ This specification is one example. Please inquire details.
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