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Semiconductor tester / measuring instrument / Science equipment

■ The Coper Electronics presents various semiconductor tester / measuring instruments and science equipments.

Semiconductor measuring instrument

Semiconductor tester / measuring instruments

They are the main products of the Coper Electronics, measuring instruments of the static characteristic and the dynamic characteristic etc. of various semiconductors.
Science equipment (ZEROCON)

Science equipments (ZEROCON)

It is a device that does the continuance maintenance for a long term as for the environment of 0°C.

The above-mentioned product and the product described in a detailed page are one example of the product of our company. Please acknowledge limiting to a lot of other products by the secret maintenance contract with the customer in a general opening to the public.

The Coper Electronics produces semiconductor measuring instruments, various labor saving equipments, and the computer application products with custom-made. The function and the performance not obtained with a general-purpose product are being offered. The consultation and the estimate of system construction : to the following please.

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