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  The semiconductor brings dramatic improvements in rapidly after the transistor is invented, and minute electronic space is a mainspring of the civilization in all places from the home to the space development.
However, when the expected performance is not demonstrated, trust cannot be won even with an electronic device that has a very high performance. To be able to use the semiconductor at ease, and to advance in addition, it can be said, "Technology for planting trust and putting it" with the technology that the Coper Electronics has been bearing.

  The measurement and the inspection system of the Coper Electronics supported by three pillars of electronics, mechatoronics, and computer start from a general-purpose measuring instrument and various test peripherals, and develop into the power device measuring instruments, the IC/LSI measuring instruments for the high-power, and the test line that furthermore combines these. The technology of the Coper Electronics delicately fits the latest semiconductor, and gives "Wing of Trust" to the flight of the electronics technology.

  The knowhow that the Coper Electronics shows to the customer has an indeed variegated face. If it is a custom-made special system, the sales staff who knows the technology thoroughly with excellence and technical. The staff strongly supports the project progress from the decision of the specification of the system making to development, the delivery, and the support. Please use the power to the problem solving and use Planning Staff's consulting and project ability. And we are skillful in the total design of the FA test line and the construction of the computer network system. Additionally, various general-purpose systems of abundant results adequately satisfy the demand of a high performance and low cost for the measurement system.

  To achieve the customer requirement faithfully, the Coper Electronics presents the high technology with an organized human network.

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